Clients Advertising

Detroit Marketing Services develops advertising for numerous clients both print and online Pay Per Click (PPC) Google Adwords, Yahoo, and MSNLive ads, as well as banner ads, and newsletter sponsorship. These ad campaigns can be tracked through your web site to help you figure the return on your investment and determine the effectiveness of your advertising dollars. You will know where your customers come from and how they found your products so you can focus your efforts where they are producing the best results.

Parrot Software

Parrot SoftwareDetroit Marketing Services manages Google Adwords campaigns for Parrot Software. The existing advertising was refined after the site was redesigned. the keywords were optimized for performance, and landing pages customized to increase ad quality. Ultimately the advertising cost per click was reduced while the click through rate and traffic increased.



Aglow Skin Care

Aglow Skin careDetroit Marketing Services has implemented numerous marketing channels for Aglow Skin Care including E-newsletters, Craiglist ads, direct mail, pont of purchase marketing and finally, Googel Adwords. After 6 months of detailed analytics, we decided the pertinent keywords that were not too highly competitive so that there was opportunity to gain traffic on a tight advertising budget. the result was a 200% increase in traffic as a result of the PPC campaign, immediately followed by increased orders and revenue showing a 450% ROI.