Detroit Marketing Services

Web Site Redesign

Even our own site gets revisions and updates. you are currently viewing version 3 of www. The site has grown as services and protfolio expand.

Detroit Marketing Services has grow significantly in the last year as more and more businesses are looking for a cost effective way to accomplish differnet things from marketing to streamlining their sales process.

As clients needs change the experience and breadth of our services have grown to include the everchanging needs of small businesses in a technology advancing environment. In this day and age technology will move faster tha most people can keep up while managing all the day to day tasks of running their business, selling their product or service, or managing the myriad of other daily tasks.

Detroit Marketing Services has expanded our consulting to support your needs no matter what they are.

Old Detroit Marketing Services

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New Services and Expanding Consulting

  • Google AdWords Managment
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Implementation & Maintenance
  • Social Networking
  • Website Redesign and Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Advertising Consultation
  • Contnemt Management Systems (CMS)
  • Blogs
  • Web Parts Integration