Parrot Software

Web Redesign

Our Client was looking to redesign the site providing aphasia therapy software and online service tools. The site was given a facelift while rewriting content to improve SEO. The site was improved to not only to increase SEO visibility, but also to enhance the user experience.

Additionally, the site was re-cataloged on the search engines with integrated site mapping for easier indexing by search robots. The site has increased it's visibility in organic search results.

Google AdWords

Additionally, Detroit Marketing Services Took over the AdWords management for With our expertise we managed to reduce the cost per click, and increase the conversion rate. Most importantly Parrot Software saw an increase in sales leading to increased budget for advertising, after seeing the actual ROI through comprehensive analytics.


Parrot Software Old Site

The original Parrot Software website was a tool for delivering the interactive tools through the interent to subscribers. However, it had not been optimized for Organic search or Pay Per Click Campaigns. Detroit Marketing Services redesigned the site, as well as re-wrote the public facing content to increase Search engine catalogging, and visitor navigation. The results can be seen at the new site.

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