Local Links

Detroit Marketing Services promotes local business. While our community is facing tough times, we can make a difference by thinking globally and shopping locally! Below are friends, partners and clients who run local businesses that we support, patronize, or will contract for your projects.

Please support your local community!

Michigan Green Business - A Michigan Green Business adopts policies and principles to improve the quality of life for their customers, the community and the broader environment. These Michigan based companies are committed to making a difference by doing their part and working every day to use, find, and offer products that will help make "going green" for their customers easy while still suppling them with cost effective, high quality products and services.

Label Network / Product of Detroit - Everything needs a label, sticker, or product identifier. This local Madison Heights, MI business provides customized personal service to make your brand identity extend to your products, car bumpers, or anything else you need to label!

Rocket Printing - Local Royal Oak Print Shop. Affordable fast service. Get your flyers, business cards, or other printed materials done up right, on time, and locally!

Showtime Clothing - One of the last independent clothiers in Detroit. Consistently voted "Best Of" in the Metro Times and Real Detroit for the last 20 years! "Don't look like everyone else who shops at the mall!" says owner, Dan Tartarian.

Aglow Skin Care / Detroit Body Grease - Make your dry skin look better with quality cosmecueticals made in Detroit!

Aardvarkwerx Computer Repair - You have a computer, it has problems. They all do. Facing a slowing machine, wicked viruses, other unknown issues, if you don't know someone to come over and fix up your technology, these guys are local, reasonable, and speak english.. much better than a tech support call to another country!

EverClean Restorations - Got a carpet? Hardwood floor? Restaurant? Other local business that the public doesn't want to patronize if it looks filthy? EverClean will come to your place and deep clean your facility improving appearance and customer experience.

The Hub - Quit supporting foreign oil driving your Hummer around. Get off your ass and ride a bike! Come to the Alley Cat Rides! Make your bike go fast at The Hub!

Show Ready Technologies - Presenting at a trade show? Developing an event that needs additional equipment? Filming a movie? Show Ready Technologies offers A/V rentals, set up and AWESOME Service. They have helped out Detroit Marketing Services to develop Top Notch marketing events!

Eastern Market - There's nothing better to do on a Saturday morning/afternoon than to head out to Eastern Market, Buy some veggies and fruit, soak in some culture, and patronize some local businesses, Like Bert's Warehouse, Vivio's, and Farmer's Restaurant, among many others!